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Barley Straw Pellets are all natural and less messy than traditional barley straw bales. Once exposed to pond water, these barley straw pellets will quickly begin to break down and release active ingredients that help keep pond water clean and clear. As they break down they produce a steady and extended release of humic acids for up to eight weeks.

Directions for Use

Barley Straw Pellets can be applied directly to the pond water. It is best to be
applied where water is moving and less than 3 feet deep. Water may become
cloudy after application. This will clear after a few days. Can also be placed in
mesh bag in a biological waterfall filter.

Application (water features & koi ponds):
Apply 8 oz. (1 scoop) per 300 gallons of pond water
Re-apply every six to eight weeks

Large pond applications:
Apply 120 lbs. per surface acre, broadcast the pellets into the pond
Re-apply every six to eight weeks

Safe for fish & aquatic life

MSDS Information on the Barley Pellets can be found here.