BioSphere Pro Beneficial Bacteria

The BiospherePro is a unique, time-release, microbe dispensing system that will release fresh beneficial bacteria into your pond without the need for frequent dosing, or guessing about how much to use.  The spheres are conveniently sized to treat ponds from 10,000 gallons up to millions of gallons and will work for a full 30-day period before becoming depleted and slowly biodegrading in the pond.  You can also remove them and recycle the entire sphere and its contents as well.  Everything is biodegradable!

Beneficial bacteria work as natural pond cleaners while reducing and balancing nutrients that feed unwanted plant growth.  Simply choose the sphere below that exceeds the gallon volume of your pond.  If you need assistance figuring that number out, please use the pond calculator to estimate the gallon volume.  Use the max width, max length, and max depth to insure you are not under-dosing the product.

Want to see what the Biosphere can actually do in a pond?  Watch the short video below to learn more.

Combining the Biosphere with robust pond aeration can be very beneficial.  The microbes found in the spheres work better when dissolved oxygen levels are above 5 mg/l in a pond.  

Ultrasonic algae control devices such as our Pulsar system will not harm beneficial microbes (unlike copper based algaecides), and along with aeration, help to provide a non-chemical trifecta defense against algae growth.  

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