PondBiotix Muck Reduction Pellets

PondBiotixME is a concentrated, pelletized form of beneficial bacteria that will quickly reduce sludge and muck in any pond. It's simple and easy to apply.

Now available in 5  & 30LB pails, just evenly distribute the pellets on the surface of the pond and they will sink directly into any muck that's built up at the bottom. 

With routine use, you'll keep your pond in better shape and reduce one of the major sources of algae support in the pond.

As with all of our PondBiotix products, ME is safe for fish and wildlife, pets and people. Be sure to use adequate aeration with any of our PB products.


If you have a large pond and particularly an older one that may have a lot of old leaf and organic build up at the bottom, this can be a prime stimulator of unwanted algae growth as well as a number of other problems.

Reducing and eliminating this muck and sludge is one of the very best things you can do to improve the overall health and condition of your pond and the best tool for doing that is PBME.

PBME is a pelletized form of beneficial bacteria, activated barley and enzymes that specifically designed to sink into the muck and actually begin breaking it down and reduces it away. It goes precisely where it needs to, to reduce and eventually eliminate the muck! 

The slow-release pellets provide a potent way to target the muck specifically and clean your pond up, from the bottom up. They are also a great way to metabolize phosphorous found in the muck as well.

PBME as well as all the PondBiotix products use biological concentrations that are rarely seen in the pond care industry. Yet we continue to use natural processes that work in harmony with nature and provide a safe and sensible way to create a clear and healthy pond.

Results with our pellets can begin to be seen in as little as one week and depending on the degree of muck build up, you can retreat in as little as every two weeks until the muck is reduced. PBME works best in water tempertures above 60 degrees and optimal results are usually achieved in water temperatures above 70 degrees F.

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