Pond Aeration Systems For Algae Control

Pond Aeration is one of the very best things you can do for your pond. If you use natural treatment methods already, you can usually boost the effectiveness of these pond algae control methods by increasing the oxygen in the water and improving circulation. Submerged aeration helps in both of these instances.

If you have fish, aeration is a very important addition to your pond to consider. One of the greatest benefits to a fish population is adequate oxygen in the water. The lack of oxygen is also one of the greatest killers of fish stock and this problem can often be avoided with adequate aeration.

Surface fountains do provide a very good degree of aeration in the water but they should not be considered equal to or better than submerged aeration diffusers if your pond is fairly deep. These work from the bottom up and provide increased oxygen even in the deepest parts of a pond, a place where this benefit is often lacking.

For larger ponds, particularly those that are over 6 to 10 feet in depth, sub-surface, diffused aeration is a much better alternative and less expensive to run than a surface fountain or bubbler. 

For ponds less than six feet in depth it's useful to use some form of surface aerator or bubbler which tend to move a lot more water than a standard fountain. And better still, you can use a specialized shallow pond aeration kit to provide much needed oxygen to particularly shallow waters.

In any case, increased oxygen levels and better circulation will profoundly improve the quality and health of the pond and water system. Normally you'll find that a pond will become cleaner with the use of aeration and beneficial bacteria, the latter of which can thrive in a higher oxygen system. So much of the work of good bacteria takes place deep down at the bottom of pond. Historically this is where oxygen tends to be at the lowest in many ponds, and the primary reason a good quality pond aeration system will help a pond significantly.

Must See Pond Aeration Video

Be sure to take a few minutes and watch the video below for important information on how to choose the best aeration system for your pond.

Our Top Rated Pond Aeration Systems

After decades of working with most aerator brands on the market, we have narrowed our offerings down to just a handful of the very best systems. 

For shallow ponds that are less than 6' of depth and around 1/2 acre or less, we prefer the AirMax SW series.  For all other ponds with more depth or larger surface areas, we'd recommend the Airmax Pond Series systems.  These are complete kits that include everything you'll need to get up and running including a protective weatherproof cabinet, cooling fans, weighted tubing, high grade diffusers, and all necessary couplings. The EasyPro systems provide a great option for people trying to save some money. These include multiple cabinet options (and no cabinet as well for pond owners who have an existing structure to house the pump) in order to get precisely what you'll need to operate a high quality aeration system in your pond.

Custom aerial mapping using Google Earth is available for sizing these aeration systems to larger ponds.  This is a free service with no obligation required for a purchase.

If you need help with anything be sure to contact us.

By the way, if you're interested in solar pond aeration, or windmill aerators, please visit our more comprehensive aeration website at American Aeration

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