PondBiotix Beneficial Microbes

Our PondBiotix series of biological products are some of the most concentrated and powerful forms of natural pond treatments that you'll find in the pond care industry today. With enhanced performance and pond balancing power, PondBiotix represents one of the best opportunities that a pond owner will have to move away from toxic chemical treatments for many pond problems including pond algae control issues. They are, in simple terms, like probiotics for your pond!

PondBiotix represents a complete pond cleaning system that will make your pond incredibly resilient to algae problems once it becomes balanced, and as it becomes balanced you can visually see the difference as the pond clears.

It's also well known that muck and organic debris at the bottom of the pond creates a perfect breeding ground for high nutrients that feed more algae growth. And with our muck elimination formula, you can now target this ever-growing problem more directly than ever before.

Listed below you'll find various formulations designed for specific sized ponds as well as products designed for nutrient reduction, phosphate, nitrite and ammonia neutralization, muck and sludge reduction and overall pond balancing. Singularly or combined, our PondBiotix products represent a new level of performance in natural pond management!

*All biological products, including PondBiotix work best with adequate and proper aeration in your pond.

All PondBiotix products are extremely safe when they are used as directed. We always suggest using proper and adequate aeration during applications. Please note that the buyer assumes all risks and responsibility associated with the use, storage, or handling of all pond treatments that may be purchased from KLM Solutions LLC.

If you have any questions about our PondBiotix pond treatments please contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.

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$525.00 USD $599.95 USD
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