Algaecides For Ponds

Although they aren't our first choice in dealing with an algae problem, there are times and situations where algaecides will be useful.  In our protocol they tend to be the last thing that is used, in difficult or stubborn algae outbreaks, and when used with consideration for the environment and fish, they can be a safe and effective solution.

We prefer to use different types of algaecides compared to what's commonly used in the pond management industry.  There you'll find products like copper sulphate, and chelated copper being most common.  But there are problems with those when you apply them to a pond, over and over again.

In contrast, Green Clean Pro, which is a peroxide based formula, contains no copper, and is a viable solution to limited string or filamentous algae, and this works particularly well in hard to treat areas like rocks, waterfalls, and stream beds.

Earthtec is a unique, low-dose copper algaecide that has excellent suspension qualities, making it a viable solution to large pond algae issues, whether they be green water or string algae types.  As an algae preventative it's been an excellent option.

Click on the product image to learn more about how each works, and how they may be of help with your pond.

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