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The 800 gallon refills can be used with the 2500 Small Pond Disperser System and  includes a 60 day supply of treatment packs

Quick and clean refill cartridges for the 2500 Submersible Dispenser. Packed as a 2 month supply (3 packets per month) for ponds up to 800 gallonsPlease select ample product to dose your pond, do not underdose.


For water features up to 100 gallons and 800 gallons

Contents: Two 30-day treatments

Each zip lock bag contains a 30-day treatment.

Each 30-day treatment consists of 3 microbial “tea-bags”


  • 1.Twist off dispenser cap and remove contents.
  • 2.Remove one 30-day treatment (3 microbial “tea-bags”) from zip lock bag and place in dispenser.
  • 3.Re-attach lid and place dispenser in middle of water. Distribute evenly when using multiple dispensers.
  • 4.Store extra treatments in a cool, dry place.
  • 5.Replace all three microbial “tea-bags”every 30 days.
  • 6.If dispenser floats, contact us for a replacement weighted bottom at no charge.

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