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Muddy, turbid, or green-tinted ponds are not the most attractive thing to look at but it's a challenge to find something that can clear the water effectively and safely on a large pond.

This muddy looking appearance is actually caused by a high density of suspended particulates from mud, dirt, clay, decaying plant matter and leaves, as well as single cell algae.

A clarifier or flocculent will bind to these particles and make them clump together. As they get heavier, they sink to the bottom of the pond and clear the water column as a result. Be sure to use a well formulated beneficial bacteria to help clean up the accumulations.

The Easy Pro - All Natural Pond Clarifier and Flocculent is eco-friendly and safe for fish, pets, and wildlife.

One gallon of clarifier will treat up to 250,000 gallons of water. The most effective application is to mix the suggested amount with pond water and then spray over the surface of the pond. For very high concentrations of suspended solids, a second application or doubling of the dosage is safe and acceptable.

4 - 1 Gallon Bottles Per Case