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EarthTec Algaecide for algae control in large ponds.

Earthtec is now shipped in case lots only. Available in a 4-pack of 1-gallon bottles.

EarthTec is the only algaecide of its kind that we recommend and use, and it's replacing chemicals like copper sulphate, Cutrine, and White Cap for many pond owners looking for a safer, more eco-friendly way to control their algae problems in a
larger pond.

We suggest using EarthTec in ponds of 50,000 gallons or more.

**Also before purchase, please note the restrictions for use at the bottom of this page**

Our Research On Pond Algaecides

If you're a large pond owner who's been using copper-based algaecides to treat algae problems...stop! And take a minute to read why there's a better way to deal with algae in your pond.

For years, products like copper sulphate and Cutrine have been used to chemically deal with algae problems in ponds. It's well known that copper is toxic to most algae and when treated, the algae will often die off quickly.

But there's a price that your pond pays for that.

Although it may look clean and pristine on the surface, the fact is, the algae that once thrived there is now rotting at the bottom of the pond.

Do a little research on what ultimately feeds algae and you'll come to find that this dead algae is much like compost in your garden. As it decays, it releases substances that help feed more algae growth!

To make matters worse, if the natural processes in your pond can't reduce this compost fast enough, you'll potentially end up with a stinky muck at the bottom of the pond. And
since copper sulphate tends to settle at the bottom, you'll end up with high levels of copper right where you don't want it to be. You see copper, while toxic to algae, is also toxic and deadly to good bacteria in your pond.

Ideally, it would be best if you didn't use copper at all to treat algae problems, but the reality is, many people still rely on it for algae control. If this is the case with your pond,
then you need to know about a better option.

EarthTec® Algaecide is very different from conventional treatments. First, unlike copper sulphate, which can be viewed as a "heavy" form of copper, EarthTec® won't simply drop to the bottom of the pond and stay there (where it ultimately won't do much good over the long term).

Unlike all other copper sulfate water treatment products available today, the copper in EarthTec® is already fully dissolved, and more importantly, the release of the cupric ion is
controlled by biological demand instead of by water conditions. These unique characteristics allow you to achieve long term control of algae without overtreatment.

Until they encounter their targets, the copper ions in EarthTec® remain suspended indefinitely without settling out or adding to bottom sediment.

Check out how EarthTec® compares with imitators in a sediment test below. The unique, self-dispersing properties of EarthTec® allow even distribution without spraying, mixing or agitation. EarthTec® is non-toxic to humans or fish when used as directed.

In other words, because it's so "light" it will remain active, right where it needs to be in the pond, to be absorbed by algae cells as they are forming, and before they get to be a major eyesore for your pond.

In comparison, you will often find that you can treat your pond less frequently, with less product, at a lower copper concentration, than you would with either copper sulphate or Cutrine.

And this is a very good thing!

Because the best way to use a copper based algaecide is not necessarily as a treatment. Of course there may be times when you need to do this, but ideally, you want to use a product like EarthTec as a retardant.

In doing so, you avoid creating any unwanted build up of dead and decaying algae, and by keeping copper levels as low as possible, you minimize the impact on the beneficial
bacteria at the bottom of the pond, which is so vital to the on-going clean up work that keeps a pond healthy.

So the bottom line is this. While we personally believe that beneficial bacteria treatments are the very best way to deal with many unwanted problems in ponds and
they have the power to restore a pond back to better health, there will be cases where a pond owner must resort to something like a chemical treatment for their algae problems. Also since algaecides have been used for many years, many people have simply come to rely on them, for better or for worse.

Environmental Hazard Potential

This pesticide is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Waters treated with this product may be hazardous to aquatic organisms. Treatment of aquatic weeds and algae can result in oxygen loss from decomposition of dead algae and weeds. This oxygen loss can cause fish and invertebrate suffocation. To minimize this hazard, do not treat more than ½ of the water body to avoid depletion of oxygen due to decaying vegetation. Wait at least 14 days between treatments. Begin treatment along the shore and proceed outward in bands to allow fish to move into untreated areas. Consult with the state or local agency with primary responsibility for regulating pesticides before applying to public waters to determine if a permit is required.

Certain water conditions including low pH (≤6.5), low dissolved organic carbon (DOC) levels (3.0 mg/L or lower) and “soft” waters (i.e. alkalinity less than 50 mg/L) increases the potential acute toxicity to non-target aquatic organisms. The application rates on this label are appropriate for water with alkalinity greater than 50 mg/L. Do not use these application rates for water with less than 50 ppm alkalinity (e.g., soft or acid waters) because trout and other species of fish may be killed under such conditions.
Consult your local state fish and game agency before applying this product to public waters. Permits may be required before treating such waters.

Additional Notes On Usage

Before treating bodies of water, consult NPDES permitting authorities. Do not exceed a free metallic copper concentration (background + applied copper) in treated water of 1.0 ppm (1mg/L), equivalent to 16.7 mg/L of EarthTec.

This product has diffusional properties that move the ions through the water according to physical conditions. The product will stay soluble in the water until the ions are taken up by the algae/bacteria (non-public health) or affected by physical properties.

The product may be applied throughout the year. Apply when algae first appear. Apply based on the volume of water to be treated. The dose rates are variable and depend upon algae species, amount of algae present, water hardness, water temperature, turbidity and flows. Higher doses may be required for lower water temperatures, higher algae concentrations, and for hard waters.

See Specific Directions for Use.

For control of planktonic algae, use a dose rate near the lower end of the labeled range. Dose near the higher end of the labeled range for rooted or stemmed species including Chara, Nitella, and filamentous algae. If there is uncertainty about the dosage, begin with the lower dosage and increase until algae control is achieved or until the maximum allowable level has been reached.

For additional details on treatment dosages and applications please visit this product label page.

Special Notice

Earthtec is potentially toxic to Trout. Do not use in water containing Koi or hybrid Goldfish.

*All pesticides can be harmful to health and the environment if misused. Read the label and follow directions. Consult with your local regulatory agency before applying herbicides and algaecides to public waters.

**Buyer assumes all risks and responsibility associated with the use, storage, or handling of all pond treatments that may be purchased from KLM Solutions LLC. **

How to apply:

Simply pour in the recommended amount of EarthTec. Dosage charts can be found below.

EarthTec® will rapidly and evenly self-disperse throughout the body of water to which it is applied — without mixing or agitation, minimizing equipment and labor costs. Regardless of dilution rate, the active ingredient in EarthTec® will always be
uniformly distributed.

Lake and pond water may be used immediately following treatment for irrigation without harm to plants or grass. EarthTec® may also be used in fish-bearing ponds at prescribed application rates.

Precautions for fish:

As with any algaecide (including Algae-Off Algaecicde)
or chemical that can kill algae and vegitation quickly, care should
be given when applying this product in a pond with fish.
is best to use maximum aeration during the treatment phase to ensure
adequate amounts of dissolved oxygen are maintained in the pond. If
the algae bloom is heavy and widespread, it may be desirable to use a
one time treatment of copper sulphate in which you can spot treat
sections of the algae over a period of time. Doing this will reduce
the chances of oxygen depletion in the pond and once cleared, clarity
can be maintained with EarthTec.

Under no circumstances should a copper based algaecide be used in a pond with trout or other species sensitive to copper.

Our suggestions for dosing:

In our use of the product we like to follow the recommended initial dosing instructions as suggested below. For follow up treatments, you can use the 14 day cycle as outlined below, or routinely test the amount of copper concentration in your pond every two weeks. The goal is to maintain the copper level at or around 0.06 ppm, or the lowest level of possible for effective algae control. The dosage rate may vary from pond to pond as well as the species of algae you are trying to treat.

To treat be sure to figure water volume in gallons
(length x width x average depth x 7.5). Apply initial dosage of
EarthTec® every 14 days until visible algae disappear. Then apply
maintenance dosage of EarthTec® every 14 days or test to maintain
recommended copper concentration in the water. See charts below.

Ponds Without Fish (1.0 ppm copper)

Volume in Gallons Initial Dosage Maintenance Dosage
50,000 1 gallon 2 quarts
100,000 2 gallons 1 gallon
500,000 10 gallons 5 gallons
750,000 15 gallons 7.5 gallons
1,000,000 (approx. one acre) 20 gallons 10 gallons

Fish-Bearing Ponds (0.06 ppm copper)

Volume in Gallons Initial Dosage Maintenance Dosage
50,000 7.7 ounces 3.8 ounces
100,000 15.4 ounces 7.7 ounces
500,000 76.8 ounces 38.4 ounces
750,000 115.2 ounces 57.6 ounces
1,000,000 (approx. one acre) 1.2 gallons 76.8 ounces

MSDS Information On EarthTec Algaecide

Additional Information

This material conforms to the description on the label and is reasonably fit for the purposes referred to in the directions for use. Timing, unfavorable
temperatures, water conditions, presence of other materials, method of
application, weather, watering practices, nature of soil, disease
problem, condition of crop, incompatibility with other chemicals,
pre-existing conditions and other conditions influencing the use of
this product are beyond the control of the seller. Buyer assumes all
risks associated with the use, storage, or handling of this material
not in strict accordance with directions given herewith. NO OTHER

**Buyer assumes all risks and responsibility associated with the use, storage, or handling of all pond treatments that may be purchased from KLM Solutions LLC. **