How To Dose Pond Bacteria For The Best Results

Mark Washburn

For many pond owners, beneficial bacteria (good microbes) is an intriguing thing to try.  Compared to 15 years ago when we got started, there are way more microbials on the market today.  And it's for a good reason.  For many people they work to improve a pond without the use of chemicals.

They make excellent, natural pond cleaners.  They can reduce muck and sludge, clear up various water quality problems, neutralize the byproducts of fish waste, and much more.

However, I think some people try them, and end up disappointed.  They don't see the results they wanted.  And to be sure, I would not say this, or any product, is a silver bullet for everything.

But, a common mistake with good microbials that will most surely lead to poor results is improper dosing.  

This video talks about how to avoid that and how to get the best results with microbials.