Algae Management With The Biosphere Pro

Mark Washburn


Over the years we've had a lot of good feedback on our Biosphere Pro pond treatment.  This is a unique system that time releases beneficial bacteria into a pond over a full month (35 days actually).  These microbes help to reduce excessive nutrients that feed unwanted growth, and they serve as an excellent, eco-friendly pond cleaner. 

Even though over the nearly 20 years that we've been working with this product, we end up with a lot of happy customers, we've never proactively asked for photos or video of the end result.

Fortunately a few customers like Ben from Southeast Iowa are proactive and decided to take pictures of the pond during the initial treatment phase use the Biospheres.  And he was kind enough to share them with us last week.

In the video you can see the condition of the pond as it start to experience increasing algae growth.  As Ben said, "I had a feeling it was about to take off and wanted to try to keep it from blooming so much."

It looks like in the end, he succeeded, timing his initial treatment to show the gradual (and safe) reduction in the algae bloom...without the use of any chemicals or algaecides.

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