5 Myths Of Pond Algae Control

Mark Washburn

Of all the videos we've ever done, this has been one of the most watched.  The audio isn't terrific but the information is invaluable.  Along with many things of late at PAS, we have plans to update this one as well...but for now, this oldie but goodie still has a lot of relevance.

Along with the commentary in the video, I wanted to add another myth that's circulated around...and I get asked about it all the time.

What do you think of pond dye for controlling algae?

It's a good question.  

Don't get me wrong...I like dyes and tints.  The one's we use are food grade quality...no kidding...they are that safe and non-toxic.  And they can help deflect or absorb sunlight that is penetrating into the pond...really limiting it's effect on any plant matter in there.

But truthfully, dye alone, isn't usually going to be enough if some algae is really getting the upper hand.  Especially if it's breaching the surface of the pond...where it can get access to the light...the dye simply isn't going to help with that.

We do use dye frequently enough though...in ponds that have a lot of shallow areas...6 feet or less let's say.  It's a good way to stack the deck against algae and underwater weeds.  

You may still want to use good aeration, microbials, or as a last resort, and algaecide with dye as a supportive component in your management plan...sometimes it just makes good sense to try it.