Hi...Mark here...thanks in advance for reaching out.

I'm happy to help you with your pond challenges.  For most people who visit this website that means algae or some aquatic weed is spoiling your outdoor experience.  

To to get started please answer the questions below regarding the pond's size and depth, whether you have aeration going (or not), what your main issue is, and what you may have tried so far in terms of treatments.

I'll get back with you, usually the same day, although know that in the heat of summer things can get really busy around here.  So it might take a little longer to respond.  Know though that I'll do my best to get back with you quickly.

I'm not going to claim I have all the answers...but after 20 years of doing this work, I've experienced a lot of success in fighting pond algae problems.  I'll do my best to help you too!